Goofish® Fuji Kit SOLID Sensitive Nano Tip Slow Pitch Jigging Rod 1.98m(6'6" 2 Piece Butt Joint)

  • Made of Japan SOLID Nano Blank 
  • Solid Blank-More Thinner
  • Solid Blank-More Lighter
  • Solid Blank-Not Broken
  • Solid Blank-Excellent Action
  • Solid Blank-Super Sensitivity
  • Solid Blank-More Professional


Why Choose Solid Blank Not Hollow Ones?


Blank is made of SOLID high ton carbon material, so that rod diameter is more thinner than hollow rod.

Solid can do  more thinner diameter than hollow blank, hollow blank because it is rolled up. And solid blank also can be very soft without the limitation of carbon material.


Most of solid rod is made of high carbon material, so usually solid rod is more lighter than hollow rod.


Solid Blank is more sensitivity than hollow ones,due to its diameter is more thinner, also good Conductivity.that rod tip also more sensitivity and stronger than hollow, so you needn't worry that broken 


Solid Blank can be more thinner if we use high ton carbon material, so can make different action as per real requirement. so it also can be softer action.also can be fast and harder.

Fish control:

The soft tip of the solid rod has a strong impact on the neutral fish. In addition, the solid rod tip can be very violent, because the force to a certain extent, the force point to the hollow part, and the hollow part is very thick and thick, of course, this requires skills and the angle of the rod to master.

More features and advantages, you can experience them in person, because there are a little too many, I'm sorry not to be able to fully introduce you.

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Detail Specification for slow action jigging rod:

Brand Goofish PE 2-4
Model Mighty CA662 Piece 2 piece(butt joint)
Length 1.98m(6'6") DragPower 15kg
Weight Approx176g Jig Weight 120-250g
Blank IM7 Carbon Max Jig 300g
Feature Nano Solid Blank Handle Casting
Color Fluorescent green Guide Weibo
Reel seat FUJI    


Rod Details


Our Slow jigging rods have become a favorite product of professional fishermen from all over the world.


The advantages of a slow Jigging

  • Target fish species are more abundant (from upper to bottom).
  • No matter whether the activity of fish is high or low, the slow jigging fishing method can attract fish.
  • The most important thing is that slow jigging fishing can help you catch more fish.

How does the slow - fishing method produce the effect?

  • In the sea, big fish always attack small and wounded little fish first. This is nature. If you look carefully at the injured little fish, you will find that it does not swim regularly, and sometimes stays, convulsions, or floats to the bottom of the water. So, this is the imitated jigging fishing.
  • The slow action fishing method is actually not a slow jigging reel, but a pause in the process of the reel, but this rhythm is continuous. Therefore, this rhythm is relatively slow, which is much slower, naturally, with the name of slow jigging.

An object fish with a slow jigging fishing

  • At present, the main target fish of the slow pitch fishing method are mostly migratory fish species such as grouper, Verbena, red sea bream, sea bream, silk tail sea bream, big silver carp, gold eye snapper, tuna and other species of high benthic high economic value.
  • The slow Jigging fishing method also needs no bake because of the fierce bait. At present, the known depth has been able to catch 500 meters. The depth of the target fish to this meter is a rare and highly economical fish in the market. The general goal of the road Asian people is not the big thing, or the new type of fish caught by Lu.



 Shipping & Return & Packing:

  • For fishing rods, usually we packed with strong PVC tube, other items with standard carton.
  • Some small kits with small bubble packing bag.


  • If a quality problem has occurred after you got it within 30days.kindly note,Not the damage caused by manpower.then you can return back that products to us, but have to pay shipping cost by yourselft. then we will arrange new ones for you.
  • If any tariff is generated during the return process, we do not accept it.


  • Usually 7-15days more or less for delivery time depend on different address and shipping ways.
  • Will arrange shipping within 3days after your order
  • We will choose the most appropriate way of express delivery, depending on your location.usually UPS/FEDEX for long size fishing rods.china post for other items.
  • Please indicate us if you special express way(eg.if hurry)!!!

Customs Fee

  • Ususally we will said it is 20dollar by customs invoice, so that it can help customers avoid paying taxes. Because we 
  • Because we are very familiar with the international express business and process, so we can effectively help customers avoid paying taxes.
  • For some special areas, if you need to specify the amount of customs declaration, please indicate us in the order notes, or send us mail, so that we can help you effectively deal with customs clearance problems, and provide you with effective documents to help you avoid paying taxes.
  • You can contact us anytime to our

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