The difference between a boat jigging and a shore jigging rod.

The difference between a boat jigging  and a shore jigging rod.

In many cases, we call these two kinds of poles  jigging rod(iron plate pole), but this is easy to confuse, leading to many people in the choice of easy to mistake, in fact, the two poles can be easily distinguished. jigging(Iron plate) is generally understood to make all kinds of heavy metals made by Lu Ya in various shapes to attract fish to attack.

Boat fishing rods, which are now very common, are not very long, usually about 1.5-2.0 meters in length, because they are fishing on the boat, the space available is limited, and shorter rods are more energy-efficient and flexible in handling and controlling fish. Generally, the type of rod is usually distinguished by the weight of grams. A boat fishing rod typically weighs 250 grams to 6, 700 grams, or even more. This kind of rod is usually used directly.

Tiebanluya goes directly into the sea, and when it reaches the expected depth, the fisherman can roll its reel and pull its rod up and down for fishing. Many fishermen will call this method "pulling the iron plate", which requires a higher physical strength than other fishing methods.

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The difference between a boat jigging and a shore jigging rod

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As for shore fishing rods, such rods belong to the coastal or reefs, breakwaters and other places far away from the Tiebanluya, throwing the iron plate into the target waters of a fishing method, which is very popular in Japan. This kind of rod throws the iron plate to compare with the boat angling iron plate rod is lighter, generally does not exceed 180 grams, specially aims at some ocean migratory fish as well as some other types of fish, this kind of rod remarkable characteristic is, the rod length is longer, mostly in 3 meters or longer, the tonality and the hardness are higher, thus has Favorable for long-distance throwing, and this kind of pole used iron plate shape design is to reduce wind resistance, is conducive to long-distance throwing design.


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